My First Clue…

my first clue was the electric scooter… form of therapy i use regularly is my honda 50cc metropolitan scooter, fat fenders, blue flowered, 100 mpg., top speed 40 mph. wind therapy is what every 2 wheeler understands… i had my first on a mini bike on the gulf coast of Mississippi behind Willie Guice Smith, III at the age of five. bicycling, boarding of all kinds, play in all forms. Physical expression of joy, play reconnects us to the milk of human kindness.  after 5 years of scooting all around the Antelope Valley this neighbor  appears on an electric scooter  SWEET!  who is this neighbor?  and then the magic moment of Jim Greenleaf being present when i scooted up that workday in January….


“i’m Jim Greenleaf and i keep it real”  is how he approached me.  seizing the opportunity is how i would describe him, maximizing the opportunity, offering me a video promoting my small private massage practice i call Avalon. keeping it real is the epitome of daily spiritual practice and this guy claims it, speaks it. i had no idea who he was so stop there sparky…..authenticity and confidence is most attractive in us humans (far from perfect, way above average) and i had to know more about him….he offered me eternity from the first moment and our journey was activated by the Sacred Yes in that moment.  beyond the falling in love is the staying in love…Jim’s mission statement as Santa on (google it :))  is how i trust his pure heart.  “stepping towards life” is what i hear him say many times a day…


it has taken me 52 years to fully embrace my own path, my destiny and to be given this divine companion is bonus upon bonus.  Love is ever expanding us and it humbles me to share the tenderness of our togetherness….surrender and merge, melt like snow.    keeping it real, marva













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