Toy Soldiers – 1984 Long Before YOUNG LOVE AFTER FIFTY

Long before I met Marva. I was an actor in Hollywood. I Co-Starred in this movie in 1984. We spent 2 months in the jungle of Mexico. I played  Mary Beth Even’s Boy friend. I was a party! Jason Miller who was writing the screen play, “That Championship Season”, would drive down the back streets and he would holler out the jeep, “malta,malta”, which met weed. Out of the darkness someone would appear and takes down an alley and sell us a big bag of pot. Every night we would party in the street with the locals.

Life’s memories are not the same if you don’t have a life partner to share it with. We have created an us and Marva and I will be married under the stars in Death Valley at Delights Hot Springs 01.01.2012.

You see, I have been alone and personally shut down for over 30 years, until one day I made eye contact and looked deep into her eyes and fell totally in love for the first time in my life. Marva tried to fight with God for four months. 

She worked next door at Avalon Recovery I own the BlvdToday Cafe. We would see each other everyday. I knew she was very interested in me because out of the blue she would come over sit with my on the Cafe patio and out of the blue would leading questions like, “So Jim, what is your relationship with water ?”. Now we’re getting married in the water. 

Young love after fifty is of greater valve to this 55 year old than being 20 something on  a wild ride in Mexico. 

Marva you are everything I need, want and desire.


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