Mrs. Claus, really? God has a sense of humor!

10 months later, and Kitty Claus is owning her place in this world.  and I’m still Marva trusting Jim in that he so validates my voice, my truth, my jokes (I don’t charge for them); he is able to stay in the room til the storm blows over which we facilitate through laughter.  belly laughing is such an important p


art of maintaining well-being and having funny company is sublime.  on my vision board at Avalon is this “he is a generous man with an exuberant laugh”, I placed it there 5 years ago and who appears but Santa Jim.  God has been messing with me for 52 years, convincing me of The Cosmic Joke, (laughter lifts us above the suffering) and so, i humbly accept my path and believe there is a Mrs. Claus in each of us full of comfort and joy, understanding that laughter is the best medicine and there is plenty to go around….  God Bless the Crooked Road that Led Me to this Moment.


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