A Christmas Carol

This a repost from Celestial Elf, Eco-Druid, Bard, Pagan Poet, & Machinima film Maker, Celebrating Nature, Spirit and the Ancient Ways ~ Find more about my machinima films here; https://www.facebook.com/Celestial To share a slightly different outlook on the Christmas Festival I wrote a short song modeled after Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol but inspired by the earlier Pagan traditions of the Season. With an eye to current world affairs and the rise of Global Corporatism, I have included a protestors scene, with a call to Occupy Christmas as an opportunity to reconsider what the festival may mean now. I replaced Dickens’ Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future with a mischievous Jack Skellington as Sandy Claws who finally gets his Christmas mission right, after a fashion), and instead of the more usual three visits through time in the life of Ebeneezer Scrooge, my character ‘Scourge’ is given 3 visions instead, to the Three Realms of Celtic mythology. With a hope that this film may remind us to think of more than just family gatherings and presents, that it may be a magical time to think with our hearts and consider the wider picture. To focus upon the whole rather than any portion, to live more meaningful lives,we may honor these the Three Realms and each-other throughout our daily lives. More about this film at my Blog The Dance Of Life here ( http://bit.ly/rvfNDM ) More about the causes of Occupy; Naomi Klein’s Shock Doctrine here ( http://amzn.to/rvUeGY ) As The Victorian Policeman and Occupy Protestors/Also the Ancestors; Benno Sands, Liz Sands, Anabelle Kuhn, Nadine Adderstein, Tabbot Resident, Katherina Auer, Liz Sands, Alwin Schlag, Voices of Protestors; Celestial Elf and Wendy Elf. As Scourge, Mr Crachet, Sandy Claws, and the Drummer Boy; Celestial Elf, As Mrs Crachet and the Girl, Natascha Randt. As Air, Earth, Fire and Water; Celestial Elf, Benno Sands, Liz Sands, Anabelle Kuhn. Soundtrack created with A Yuletide Carol Original poem and sung by Celestial Elf. Walking in The Air co Roger. And samples from; Kevin MacLeod ( http://incompetech.com/m/c/royalty-free/ ) Attack Of The Mole Men, Alchemists Tower, Creative Commons Licenses Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/) Pub Domain; The Holly and The Ivy Creative Commons license: Attribution ( http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.5/ ) Also Freesound ( http://www.freesound.org/ ) Creative Commons Sampling Plus 1 License ( http://creativecommons.org/licenses/sampling+/1.0/ ) Sound effects authors; dangerbabe, Jace, creek23, HerbertBoland, acclivity, farbin, genel, kantouth, Robinhood76, Frank Ostrander, eraylik. Grateful thanks for permission to film at; Old Europe co Up4 Dawes, Steelhead Harbourside, Cherry Tree Lane, Roasted Gull Road and Shanghai co TotalLunar Eclipse, Ruins Fall co Sliver Gray, Gaia Rising, co Enchantress Sao. Filmed on Phoenix, Windows XP using Fraps and Serif MoviePlus X3. Conceived, Directed and Produced c.Celestial Elf 2011. Category: Film & Animation Tags: A Christmas Carol Yuletide Pagan Carol The Holly and The Ivy Walking In The Air Modranicht Yule Ronald Hutton Charles Dickens Banksy Economy Globalism Poverty Social Reform Poor Laws The Shock Doctrine Naomi Klein Capitalism Workhouses Jack Skellington Marley’s Ghost Santa Claus Father Christmas Odin Dobby Dumbledore Scrooge Malthus Occupy Protest Democracy Ancestors Celtic Pagan Merry Christmas License: Standard YouTube License


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