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Sacred Ceremony for Young Love After Fifty

262925_1948980287444_1330683556_31909248_4867595_n Staying in love, falling in love again and again with each other, with life, with all the great company we share on this adventure. daily intention of loving each other well, fully present, both feet in today EUPHORIC HEALING ENERGY, activated by the SACRED YES! choose love…. sign up for the newsletter.



The rising tide of diabetes has an unacceptable human and societal toll. Rates of all major forms of diabetes are increasing at enormous individual and societal cost: 8.3 percent of the US population is afflicted today, and financial costs reached $174 billion for 2007. A major cause of blindness, renal failure, amputation, and cardiovascular disease, diabetes also increases the risk of cancer and dementia and more than doubles individual health care costs. Control of glucose, blood pressure, and lipids improves outcomes. Yet diabetes management is nonetheless suboptimal, particularly in disproportionately affected poor and minority populations. Safer, less burdensome, and more personalized approaches to therapy are needed. People at high risk for type 2 diabetes must be identified if society is to realize the benefits of therapies proven to delay or prevent the disease. We have many of the tools we need to address this challenge, and we must apply them now.



We are the Baby Boomers and we control … this is our time … grasp it!