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My dear Marva,
My heart is still sparkling with “Marva fairy dust”.  Thank you so very much for calling! 
It is amazing the life that happens and passes while raising children. I apologize for not providing a shoulder during the sad times and glittering pom-poms
during your celebrations and successes.
 Here is a synopsis of the past years. I left dentistry in 1995 and opened a small tea room when Olivia was 3.5 years, a year later Ohara was born, I left that business, 18 months later Grayson arrived.
Our family, Joe, Olivia(now 22), Ohara 17 and Grayson 16 moved down from Illinois to Southwest Florida in March 2002 after Joe’s parents died and he had no work after the small restaurant he was running closed.  We had moved from Roberts, Illinois (pop. 400) to Gibson City (pop. 3000) in 1995.  There, we restored 3 more houses when the children were young, living in one home with raccoons, birds and squirrels living within the walls and attic, all while having 5 year old Olivia, a newborn and third one on the way. At 2 years of age Ohara showed lead poisoning as a result of living in an 1890’s home. Public Health had to enter and a several year saga began.  After the lead issue was taken care of, my house and I were clear to open a home daycare that was just amazing with a “moon” area with twinkling lights; a grocery store; Dr., vet and dental area; library; theatrical space; restaurant,construction and school area. It was great but the hardest job I had done. I said goodbye to my 10 children (several babies) and moved south, causing me great depression. Although my sister Judy and my parents lived down here, I was very sad and without purpose. My new focus came 2 years later after Grayson was retained in 3rd grade and diagnosed with dyslexia. I became passionate to assist children to learn to read and be accepted for the many gifts they have and give to the world, while not be labeled “bad”, as many adults view children with difficulties.  I have been a Reading Paraprofessional at Bonita Springs Charter School  (K-8 grade) since 2004.( I am know as the giddy Mrs. Trees always with a smile and laugh.) Also during this time, I cared  for my father as his CNA on nights and weekends due to Parkinson’s Disease, for several years.He passed way in 2010. At the same time Grayson was hospitalized in pediatric intensive care for 5 days and diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. A month later my husband Joe was diagnosed with Stage 4 head and neck cancer. We were told they would probably need to remove a large portion of his tongue. All of this,plus almost losing our home. Through an incredible blessing, we were lead to the  best doctors down here. Joe continues to progress, eating mashed potato’s and soft foods every night. He is back working now after a year and a half off. He is still the love of my life ( yes, I’m 54 and he is 53…..for those” young love” friends) and we LAUGH EVERYDAY and cherish all  the large and small gifts of life and great beauty of the world.
Olivia just graduated from Tallahassee Florida in Theater, specifically costume design. She is working off the coast of North Carolina (Manteo) with a theater production. She worked there last year as an intern. She is not sure if she wants to attend grad school just yet.
Ohara will be a senior in high school this year and is focusing in on accounting. She is interning at my school with our accountant for part of the summer.
 Grayson is a  teenager, staying in bed all morning.  He will be a sophomore in high school this year. He is unsure of future interest but loves computer and watching Jim Carey. Our chidren are good people and we are extemly blessed.
Joe is in interior design in Naples. He just celebrated employment of 10 years at Baer’s Furniture. 
You will be interested to hear that Ohara, Grayson and I visit a Chiropractor every week, seeing tremendous results for myself and Ohara’s odd neck. Olivia and Ohara have chosen to be vegetarian. Do you remember how I used to think that was so different? I have learned great things. Now, ALL IS WELL.
  Enough about us.
I cannot wait to here about your children! I am so thrilled for your new happiness.  Life SHOULD BE filled with love and laughter. I think I have found a picture of Pierce and maybe Paige online. You have done a beautiful job Marva! What are their interests and lives filled with? Have you any grandchildren? How did you and your young love meet? Does Jim have children too? How many years have you be back practicing massage..or did you ever quit? Can’t wait to be updated. Oh, you two are the cutest Santa and Kitty I have ever seen!! />Thank you again for the warm rays of ” Marva Sunshine” lovingly brought to my heart.
Jill Trees

My precious giddy Mrs. Trees, your story (herstory) is so clear and astounding with resilience, light and humor! i want to stay heart-connected stronger than ever. this world needs our happy hearts. striving for the ideal while dealing with the real. falling down isn’t as important as getting back up and investing in one more day with optimism: “fall down seven, get up eight” is a japanese saying….you inspire me to be courageous in sharing more of my story. i’ll begin with the Society of the Aniwim where the heart breaks and breaks and lives while breaking….be patient with me my dear friend, we have eternity to walk this through… i have your permission to share our youngloveafter50 lovefest emails through our internet community? investigate ginseng for joe’s process of full recovery, alternative approaches to re-build his immune system is critcal. success all around, heaven on eart, Loving you and yours, sister marva Oh yes, you have my permission- although I may not be that interesting. My sister says I have the life of Job. I think I have many angels by my side. When things happen, I look for the lesson, inner strength, appreciate the kindness and love of others, persevere for the positivity in self and situation, and am amazed at coincidences sometimes uncanny gifts and blessings of how life works out. I am puzzled and bothered- only a little ( after 50) how the body changes,arthritis and such, but find it incredible in the resilience it has to fight back and still change to become stronger. I am speaking not only of the physical body but of ones mind and spirit as well. Just looking around at this beautiful gift of the the earth, sky, water and people, including life’s most precious babies (animals included), makes you feel aw-struck. Allowing yourself to feel your heart, in good times and bad is real living. I need to pick up Ohara, so I will be in touch again. Visit Olivia’s web site to see her photo, just search for Olivia J Trees. It is a pretty photo. She looks like Joe’s mom. Ohara looks like Joe and Grayson favors me. Tell me about your children. Love, Jill

Palmdale Mayor Jim Ledford Continues Slow, Steady Recovery

PALMDALE – Palmdale Mayor Jim Ledford remains in the ICU unit at Antelope Valley hospital as he continues to make slow progress towards recovery from the heart attack he suffered last Sunday evening.

“The Mayor has had some good rest which is what he needs very much at this time,” said Palmdale Councilmember Tom Lackey. “He is making slow and steady progress, and will need rest over the next few weeks as he continues to make progress and gain strength.”

While Ledford recuperates, he will not be receiving visitors as getting rest is the top priority.

“We’ve received a lot of calls and inquiries about visiting the Mayor, but the doctors want him to have complete rest for the next few weeks,” said Palmdale’s Communications Manager John Mlynar. “We all want to see the Mayor back in action, and the best way to do that is to give him our good thoughts and prayers and the rest he needs.”

Those who would like to send cards, may send them to : Mayor Jim Ledford, Palmdale City Hall, 38300 Sierra Highway, Suite A, Palmdale, CA 93550. In lieu of flowers, the Ledford family is asking that if people would like, they may make a donation to either the VFW Post #348, or the memorial fund for Nathen Taylor, a former Sergeant in the U.S. Army, who after eight years of service that included three tours of duty (twice to Iraq and once to Afghanistan) was tragically killed outside his brother’s home on April 21.


Those wishing to make a donation to the VFW may mail donations to: VFW Post #348, 38038 6th St. East , Palmdale, CA 93550.

To make a donation for Former Army Sgt. Nathen Taylor you may visit any Antelope Valley Bank branch and request to donate funds to his Memorial Fund. Wire transfers or donations from out of state can also be made using the following routing account and savings account numbers – 122003396 (routing #) and 3010473552 (savings acct #).

Ledford was admitted to Antelope Valley Hospital on Sunday evening after speaking at the Antelope Valley Detachment #930 Marine Corps League’s 17th Annual Candlelight Ceremony, held at the Lancaster Cemetery. After delivering his remarks, he reported feeling light headed, having shortness of breath and experiencing pain in the chest.  Some marines who had some previous medical training and were talking to the Mayor after his remarks saw that something was not right, and quickly called for an ambulance and Ledford was transported to Antelope Valley Hospital.

At the hospital, Ledford underwent a series of tests that showed blockage in the main artery to the heart.  A successful angioplasty procedure was performed and the Mayor was awake and talking afterwards. Further tests revealed more damage to the heart than originally thought.



Communications Department · 38300 Sierra Highway · Palmdale, CA  93550