Michelle Jenneke Dancing Sexy as Hell at Junior World Championships in Barcelona 2012

Michelle Jenneke’s Mom Responds to Daughter’s Sexy Dance by Saying Michelle has Done Better…

 Hurdler Michelle Jenneke’s sexy pre-race dance routine has impressed millions of sports fans around the world, but Michelle’s mother just doesn’t see what’s so impressive about her daughter’s moves. In fact, she seems to believe that Michelle can do better than the hip-shaking and bouncing around that made her an Internet sensation. According to Truth Dive, Michelle’s mother Nicky bragged about her daughter’s moves by saying, “She’s been doing this the last three years. She doesn’t get nerves before a race, she just gets very excited. Even before she raced Sally Pearson (at last year’s Australian championships, where she finished third), she did this full 360-degree spin.” You can bet guys will start searching YouTube high and low for that video since that move would involve Michelle showing off her backside, too. But Michelle Jenneke isn’t just a pretty face—she’s reportedly been studying mechatronic engineering at Sydney University, presumably in hopes of finding a way to create dancing Michellebots for all of her fans. Hopefully Michelle’s mother hasn’t read many of the YouTube comments about her daughter or heard that Sex.com has made an offer for her to pose nude. And sorry, guys, there’s no update on this indecent proposal or any word on if Michelle’s mom is a MILF. But those who can’t get enough of Michelle can check out a different video of her moves below. It’s from last year’s Australian Athletics Championships at Olympic Park, Melbourne, and features Michelle doing her signature hip shake along with a lot of bouncing and a quick running-in-place move. Unfortunately her pre-race dance was no match for impressive Olympic competitor Sally Pearson. Michelle starts moving around the 1:24 mark.


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