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Local Living Give’s Back to the AV at Jethawks

Lauren Duke wins an autograph baseball from the Jethawks players after being selected from the fans at the game that had bought a vocher through Local Living.



Camp Challenge Ride — Saturday, September 8th

Camp Challenge Ride — Saturday, September 8th

Register as a team, individual or corporate sponsor for the 2012 Camp Challenge Ride! Join us for 18, 36, or 62 miles of riding through the beautiful California desert and raise funds for The Painted Turtle while you’re at it! All riders can choose one of these three routes starting and ending at The Painted Turtle Camp, where you’ll be cheered on by lots of Camp supporters. Our annual event begins with a hot breakfast for everyone and ends with a celebratory lunch with family and friends. Riders are asked to commit to raising a minimum of $250, and your $25 registration fee is applied toward that goal.

Puremedy With Young Love After 50


Ruth L.Brandt with Marva Greenleaf share Puremedy bio-ceuticals with an audience of over 7,500 viewers from the Whole Wheatery in Lancaster, Ca.

peace growth Our History Copyright © Puremedy, LLC, 2007-2012. All rights reserved. Purémedy, LLC has been around for a few years, but our secret formula has existed far longer. Joseph Piquette, the owner’s great grandfather, taught the family how to craft the healing salve a hundred and fifty years ago after a nearly fatal leg infection and third degree burn was miraculously healed by using it. Purémedy has since created 17 products, each tailored to treat skin conditions both gently and naturally. The ingredients are pure enough to eat, as owner Joan Siegel


has (on more than one occasion) demonstrated, choosing 100% organic or wild-crafted, food grade ingredients for her specialty salves. 10% of the profits are tithed to organizations that promote healing for the planet. The testimonials are incredible and the line has quickly gained a loyal following in many stores, clinics and doctors offices all around the country.




WHEREAS, the challenge and the promise of outer space unites all of humanity in a shared sense of curiosity, hope and wonderment; and

WHEREAS, our quest to explore space has yielded innumerable advances in technology, engineering and every scientific field; and 

WHEREAS, California’s universities, research institutions and aerospace businesses have made the Golden State a world leader in space science and exploration; and 

WHEREAS, space satellites have brought us all closer together by enabling telecommunications and gathering remote-sensing imagery to map the entire surface of the earth; and

WHEREAS, the recent mission of the Mars Science Laboratory, which has successfully landed the rover Curiosity on Mars, represents a significant step forward in our journey to the stars; and

WHEREAS, the leadership of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory of California Institute of Technology has been central to the success of Curiosity’s mission; and

WHEREAS, the new images of the Red Planet sent home by Curiosity and the technological genius inherent in the mission have captivated the world’s imagination and reinvigorated our commitment to reach for the stars;

NOW THEREFORE I, EDMUND G. BROWN JR., Governor of the State of California, do hereby proclaim August 22, 2012, as Space Day.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF I have hereunto set my hand and caused the Great Seal of the State of California to be affixed this 21st day of August 2012.

Governor of California

WATCH: It’s Time to Clear Your Fear of Success

I was told years ago that fear of failure isn’t really what stops most folks — it’s the fear of success… and I’ve come to believe that. Sure, we tend to be more aware of our fear of failing — the pain involved with that is usually more tangible, the images more vivid. But that’s part of the unconscious mind’s brilliant way of keeping us from seeing the real fear. Success has all kinds of repercussions: higher expectations, possible jealousy from others and, the most dreaded of all, change. Failing seems like a cakewalk in comparison. But you deserve success, and the world deserves the difference you will make. Ihope this video helps you start clearing those blocks.

As with any of my tapping videos, this is an abbreviated process for releasing fear. Some folks may find their fear dissolves after just one tapping session, but for others, it will take some repetition, bringing the discomfort down little by little each time. (Still others may uncover specific issues that are best addressed directly with a wellness practitioner.) In any event, this brief video should help at least take the edge off the discomfort, freeing you up to enjoy life much more. Let us know how it helped you!

Have a specific fear you’d like to see featured in a future “Tap Out Your Fears” vlog? Comment below, or tweet us all about it @HealthyLiving using the hashtags #becomingfearless and #tapoutfear. If you tweet, you will automatically be entered into Toyota Corolla’s Most Fearless Tweet Contest! (Click here for the Official Rules.)

To watch the first episode in the “Tap Out Your Fears” series, which explains the basics of tapping, click here.

For a picture of the tapping points, and more info on EFT, click here.

Tapping can sometimes bring up long-buried emotions, which is why I always ask folks to take full responsibility for their own well-being before tapping. For more information about that, please read this disclaimer.

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Feast at the Farm III


Taste of Tehachapi Culinary Club – A guide to local farms and restaurants

The Tehachapi Culinary Club & The Whole Wheatery present:

The 3rd Annual Feast at the Farm

Enjoy an exceptional culinary event as Acclaimed Chef Yannick Marchand and Zagat rated Chef Rich Mead combine their talents to present the 3rd Annual Feast at the Farm.

Enjoy a multi course farm dinner featuring locally raised food from Moessner Farms, Weiser Farms, Tangleweed and Murray Family Farms. Other featured items are locally raised Fan Filet from Indian Point Ostrich Ranch, local grass fed beef and goat cheese. Dessert will be presented by Mike Moessner a second generation farmer & baker of German decent who’s culinary history was handed down from his father who was formerly the Executive Chef at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Experience this delicious meal and extraordinary wines in the evening ambience and view of verdant Cummings Valley on the farm at Moessner Family Farm. http://.www, Join us at the Whole Wheatery and the Tehachapi Tourism Bureau on September 15 for “Farm To Fork”. Join as David Brust give us a special tour of Indian Point Ostrich Ranch. Nestled in the hills of the Cummings Valley area of Tehachapi, California, Indian Point Ostrich Ranch is surrounded by breathtaking vistas and scenic landscapes. Visitors enjoy taking tours of the Ostrich Ranch and observing the ostrich in their natural environment. Everyone is captivated by their inquisitive behavior. Tour the ranch and get up close to the largest bird on earth! Indian Point Ostrich Ranch also supplies delicious ostrich meat all over Kern County and Los Angeles County. Browse our website for ostrich facts, great ostrich recipes and try some of our luxurious ostrich lotions. Have fun and thanks for stopping by! Indian Point Ostrich Ranch is surrounded by breathtaking vistas and scenic landscapes. Visitors enjoy taking tours of the Ostrich Ranch and observing the ostrich in their natural environment. Everyone is captivated by their inquisitive behavior. Tour the ranch and get up close to the largest bird on earth! We are located in the Cummings Valley area of Tehachapi California. The Moessner family has been farming in Tehachapi for over 30 years. Paul and Ursula Moessner along with their sons Mike and Art started as apple farmers and over the years have expanded their crops to include many fruits and vegetables including the best tomatoes you will ever eat! In addition to a good variety of fresh fruits and vegetables the Moessners offer a delicious variety of jams and jellies made fresh at the farm. Along with the old favorites such as strawberry, apricot, or raspberry you can find some more hard to find items such as apple jalapeño jelly or lemon ginger marmalade.

Feast tickets are $100 per person.  For reservations or information go to: 

or call 888/324-TOUR (8687) 

Click to read more about Restaurant & Farm Map and Guide


Soul Companion Young Love After 50 Soul Companion by Mary Chapin Carpenter (with James Taylor) from her new album, Ashes and Roses, released June 12, 2012. For my family and friends.


All of our dreams are laid down and measured,
Arrows and pens and the rainbow of threat.
Like hope on a strain, sawn into the lightings
Or the courage to face beyond all the hell.

My sole companion, out in the world somewhere,
My sole companion, I will meet you there.

I’m packing my compass, trusted and tested,
My two dear maps to study unfold
Into a pocket, I’m traveling light now
All that we have is all that we own.

My sole companion, in my heart you are,
My sole companion, just like the stars.

There are no boarders, there are no boundaries
There are no fences up around me.
And I get quiet and I get lonely, just like everyone.

These are the old roads, these are the stations,
I look for my ride, you wait for your train.
These are the chances of lives and temptations
These are the places that don’t know I’m in.

My sole companion, I find it so great.
My sole companion, now our lives begin.
My sole companion, out in the world somewhere
My sole companion, I’ll meet you there.
My sole companion, my sole companion.