Soul Companion Young Love After 50 Soul Companion by Mary Chapin Carpenter (with James Taylor) from her new album, Ashes and Roses, released June 12, 2012. For my family and friends.


All of our dreams are laid down and measured,
Arrows and pens and the rainbow of threat.
Like hope on a strain, sawn into the lightings
Or the courage to face beyond all the hell.

My sole companion, out in the world somewhere,
My sole companion, I will meet you there.

I’m packing my compass, trusted and tested,
My two dear maps to study unfold
Into a pocket, I’m traveling light now
All that we have is all that we own.

My sole companion, in my heart you are,
My sole companion, just like the stars.

There are no boarders, there are no boundaries
There are no fences up around me.
And I get quiet and I get lonely, just like everyone.

These are the old roads, these are the stations,
I look for my ride, you wait for your train.
These are the chances of lives and temptations
These are the places that don’t know I’m in.

My sole companion, I find it so great.
My sole companion, now our lives begin.
My sole companion, out in the world somewhere
My sole companion, I’ll meet you there.
My sole companion, my sole companion.


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