Puremedy With Young Love After 50


Ruth L.Brandt with Marva Greenleaf share Puremedy bio-ceuticals with an audience of over 7,500 viewers from the Whole Wheatery in Lancaster, Ca.

peace growth Our History Copyright © Puremedy, LLC, 2007-2012. All rights reserved. Purémedy, LLC has been around for a few years, but our secret formula has existed far longer. Joseph Piquette, the owner’s great grandfather, taught the family how to craft the healing salve a hundred and fifty years ago after a nearly fatal leg infection and third degree burn was miraculously healed by using it. Purémedy has since created 17 products, each tailored to treat skin conditions both gently and naturally. The ingredients are pure enough to eat, as owner Joan Siegel


has (on more than one occasion) demonstrated, choosing 100% organic or wild-crafted, food grade ingredients for her specialty salves. 10% of the profits are tithed to organizations that promote healing for the planet. The testimonials are incredible and the line has quickly gained a loyal following in many stores, clinics and doctors offices all around the country.



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