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@NASA Social with Courtney O’Connor, Stephanie L. Smith JPL Tweets


Courtney O’Connor, Stephanie L. Smith, and Veronica McGregor head the twitter team for JPL. NASA is no stranger to social media. The space agency has been actively working to reach out to the public over the Internet for quite some time now. But NASA seems to have reached its high point so far in social media when it comes to the Mars Curiosity rover. The rover’s Twitter feed currently has over 930,000 followers, and its Facebook page has over 250,000 fans.


NASA Social Cool Time 

This was the most positive social networking experience I have ever had . Many kudos to the @NASA Social team can’t wait til 10.15!!! I have made life long friends, life long dreams and a huge epiphany: Even though we are hurling through space on a rock it’s good to know NASA is driving it.


NASA Social With Mark Buschbacher Chief engineer for the NASA Global Hawks

The project chief engineer for the NASA Global Hawks.
The majority of my effort is currently dedicated to the DARPA KQ-X project and therefore I’ll be living in San Diego for a year to collaborate with the Northrop Grumman KQ-X team.


Mark Matousek Wisdom

Sacredness means knowing yourself as more-than-yourself, and your life as more than a handful of days (and bouquet of experiences) against the universal backdrop. Sacred focus means knowing yourself as mystery first, “yourself” second. This is more than a parlor game of labels or words. When you perceive yourself as a cosmic being alive on a mysterious planet for reasons you cannot conceive, a light goes on in your mind. This light is not “you.” This light is not “God.” This light is not “love,” nor is this light a feeling. This light is sacred awareness of what lies beyond your powers of recognition; a source of being that includes you but is not limited by your mind, expectations, or even your life span. This light — this consciousness — is your essential, eternal nature, unconditioned and unconditional, untouched by desire, beyond choice and passion and sense-making. It is, as the Buddhists put it, “your face before you were born.” It has nothing to do with religion (though religion points to this light as a finger points to the moon), requires no faith, makes no demands, contains no divisions — or violence or credo — and is, simply, the most beautiful, sustaining, formidable strength imaginable to our human hearts and minds. A tiny fraction of humanity can live with constant awareness of the sacred, but all of us know it in glimpses and fragments — this aperture to mystery, wonder, and awe — and draw on it for sustenance when the light threatens to disappear, when suffering becomes too much to bear, when meaning seems to fade and all we have is intuition of something holding us in its invisible hand.                    


Author, Teacher, Mentor, Speaker of the Transformational Power of Telling the Truth. and so it is

The Painted Turtle’s Phavorite Pun 

The embodiment of Delight and Joy, Pun shines with Marva Greenleaf and blesses each of us with the best medicine of all: Laughter! tickle daily hehe. the Generosity of Spirit, Enormity of the Heart, Divine Healing Energy grows at the Painted Turtle Camp (for Serious Fun). Well Shell’s Phavorite Carroture!


Gail Minogue Speaks Divine Design 

Trends Analyst, Numerologist, Commodities Broker since 1987, Author, Mystic who works with Sacred Ancient Geometry introduces us to her message of Divine Design, Living the Life You Create. Remembering and understanding the cycles of numbers and the Soul work we each came to experience is Blessed Assurance during our current times. Providing remarkable results for individuals, groups and corporations, through deeper connections we are aligning and we are giving this world back to God. Choose Life, Choose Love! Glory to God!


We’ve Only Just Begun! 

Celebrate Life! Gail Minogue shares Her (Mystic) message. Commodities Broker since 1987, Author, Numerologist,Trend Analyst providing remarkable results. The Antelope Valley is Blessed by the Offering of Chris and Lors Spichers’ Home to welcome Gail for a 3 hour workshop September 29, Saturday 1 – 4 p.m. Trends and Forecasts from 2012 – 2024