AVNice @ Palmdale CA 50th birthday, Buck McKeon

Friday afternoon  Aug 24 the hometown crowd was out for music, food, a car show and a slice of cake to celebrate Palmdale’s 50th birthday.. Beautiful Poncitlan square with its huge flying American flag was the scene of the Scene. City staff put on quite a show highlighted by an amazing tribute to Palmdale’s 50 grand men.  These 50 each put up $100 in 1961 to hire the help needed to get the drive for Cityhood started.  Also showing up was Olympic Silver medal winner Lashinda Demus, celebrating her victory and her hometown, Palmdale, CA.Jim and Marva Greenleaf, youngloveafter50.com get the story, filming and interviewing the crowds.  Myself, Chris Spicher enjoying the tribute to my Grandfather, Elmer, one of the 50 and a contemporary of 94 year old WW2 vet Mayor Larry Chimbole.  Most of the crowd stayed on the grassy area enjoying live music well into the evening.


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