Rich Bartlett Pre-Race Amgen Stage 3 Palmdale

Block Bikes

604 West Avenue L #101, Lancaster, CA (map)

The Saturday Morning Road Ride is designed for road bike riders who want to do a group ride with just a little bit extra. The group meets at 7:30 and spends the next half hour telling lies and drinking coffee. We roll out promptly at 8:00am for one of five of our 20-25 mile routes. We choose the route based on weather and group requests. All five routes have a specific split point and regrouping point to allow you the cycling experience that you desire. The group rolls out together at a social pace up to 15mph. The split point is approx 5-6 miles into the ride and the shorter route maintains the same pace while the longer route pushes the pace and adds an additional 4-6 miles. Aft the end of the split (approx 10 miles) both groups meet back up. (The typical regroup for everyone from both routes is 5-10 minutes from the slowest to the fastest rider). From the meeting point the entire group rides back at a 12-15mph social pace. We are back just before 10am. Helmets and spare tube and inflation device are mandatory. Average ride time pace is approx 15mph and the overall distance can vary from 20-30 miles in less than 2 hours. This ride is fun for weekend warriors all the way up to national champions and pros. We also use Strava and typically have 4 or 5 segments per route. (Check out for more info on this cool site). So if you are training for a race or just want to go ride with some cool, friendly people com join us this Saturday!!!


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