You Are What You Eat!
Lancaster Joins the National ‘March Against Monsanto
May 25th – 11:00am – American Heroes Park

LANCASTER, CA – 5/13/13- March Against Monsanto Lancaster has announced that on May 25, over 150 participants will join the national “March Against Monsanto.” The NY Daily News just interviewed National organizer, Tami Monroe Canal, in an effort to raise awareness on the growing urgency to get GMO foods labeled or banned in America. Over 64 countries have labeled or banned GMO crops, but not the United States. The local march will start at 11:00am at American Heroes Park.

The global March Against Monsanto is taking place in over 250 cities in over 35 countries. The March Against Monsanto mission statement can be read here. The local group can be found on Facebook at March Against Monsanto Antelope Valley. Participants to the march are encouraged to wear a RED t-shirt.

Citizens are marching because Monsanto’s products are harmful to people and the planet, including exclusive patenting rights over seeds and genetic makeup, specifically GMOs, engineered from the DNA of different species of plant, animal, bacterial, and viral genes. Monsanto’s genetically-modified foods can lead to serious health conditions such as the development of cancer tumors, infertility and birth defects. Monsanto’s Roundup, can be linked to these same diseases, as well as Parkinson’s. Evidence also indicates that residues of “glyphosate,” the chief ingredient in Roundup weed killer, which is sprayed over millions of acres of crops, has been found in our food and in our bodies, as well as causing colony collapse among the world’s bee population.

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