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How You can Become the Success You Want to be

I was 10 when I caught the entrepreneurial bug. My idea was simple. I packaged garden seeds and sold them for 10 cents a pack on my bicycle farm to farm. I was bit by the bug! “I learned more about the importance of developing trust and strength through relationships than I knew was possible. The biggest surprise was that people loved paying me for my seeds. There was nothing hard about it.” Thus began a true entrepreneurial journey in the mastering of a million dollar, money-making skill.


Peter Vidmar, a former Olympic silver and gold medalist says, “To be an Olympic Champion you only have to work out two times. When you feel like it and when you don’t.” Most of us are not afraid of hard work, the problem is what worked before is no longer working. You know when you go to a networking meeting and immediately sense that the only reason someone is interested in meeting you is to find out if you are interested in his product. When you pick up the phone within the first two words you know if this is a typical sales call. That is NO longer working. It’s the old paradigm in sales. We have all been oversold to and want to run the other way.


The new paradigm says, “I want to get to know you for who you are.” It’s all about relationship.


people buy YOU before they buy your product,

people buy from people they like,

people buy from people they trust.

As a society, we are starved for attention, starved to have someone listen to us. So, the best thing we can do when we meet someone new and they say, “And what do you do?” is respond by saying something like, “I would love to tell you, but let me here first about you.” I challenge you to try that with a handful of people this week. You will be surprised at the response you receive. Listening from the heart is one of the greatest gifts you can give anyone. It is also one of the quickest ways to build trust. Begin a new journey today as you shift to the new paradigm that will take you to your success.



AV NICE goes to AV FAIR, rides #ferriswheel. A 9 year old’s first ferris wheel ride

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AV NICE goes to AV FAIR, rides #ferriswheel. A 9 year old’s first ferris wheel ride

. 888.948.6006 A great day at the #AVFair, the #kiwanislivestockauction, sponsored by #rrexparrislawfirm and #petrolock, the flowers, the kids, the animals. We talked to a bunch of cool #AVpeople, and the day ends with a very wonderful #ferriswheelride, the Ferriswheel ride is a #fairtradition, both of us taking photos and video. Flowers on animals provided by Petro Lock. #Lors is at 1.35

Sharon Weisenberger makes Floral Decor for AVFair Livestock Auction 

&nbsp 888.948.6006 Petro Lock fuels provided the sponsorship money to put flower blankets/scarves on all the the Champion Animals at the #AVFair livestock auction. #PetroLock was excited to be involved in a sponsor role at the AVFair this year. The flowers were beautiful, the proceeds huge, and even the animals were happy.


. 888.948.6006 Billy and Bruce help put the Kiwanis BBQ on each year, a very important part of the fair, it follows the Livestock Auction. 

#alfieantelope #diamondsarefairever

ROB PARRIS of the R Rex Parris Law Firm, sponsors of the AVFair Livestock Auction

. 888.948.6006 Rob Parris buys a Grand Champion Rabbit as he does each year to support the fair and the #4H kids. The auction and the generous buyers are a wonderful Antelope Valley tradition. Contact the #AVFair office at 661.948.6060 to register to attend the Auction and be a buyer, see you in 2014

J T ROCKWELL, Hollywood Trick Horses, at the AVFair

. 888.948.6006. At the #avfair #animalauction , a
real #cowboy comes by, says hello. #JT is a 5th generation Cowboy, works with horses, is in the movies, lives in #ourValley. A real friendly guy, and I am digging those #custombandanas. Dear Santa 1.#googleglasses 2. #jtrockwellbandana. #avfair #animalauction #parrislivestockauction

WOW! Women of Worth! Linda Olson authentically, passionately, powerfully shares with Marva Greenleaf the knowing of heart-connected success! WOW: Women of Worth Unite, Uplift and Feed One Another Well! join us November 2, 2013 at the Painted Turtle in Lake hughes, Ca. Each of us made for something more….Kitty Claus joins in to discover the ‘Miracle on 47th Street East’.

World Premier November War

“It was an honor and Privilege to attend the first screening of Garrett Anderson‘s documentary, the November War which tells the story of a brutal battle in Fallujah in 2004. Great to see the fellow marines from the doc and the family of Cpl Cohen, their comrade who was KIA~ here are the cell pics…camera to come… And of course congratz to Marie Anderson on her new puppy liberty thanks to the generous auction bid  AV has such a great patriotic community. we are truly blessed. And as always the OATH students and mr and mrs g did the damn thing…” Dirrick ‘n Stacie Benjamin


November War movie premier Lancaster CA

On stage Lancaster High School, Garrett Anderson and Antonio de la Torre roll out their documentary about 12 US Marines fighting at Fallujah and returning home. The film is dedicated to the Memory and Service of Cpl Michael Cohen who died from injuries received in this battle. Marine Cohen’s Mother, Father and Sister were in the audience, having travelled from Pennsylvania 

A very serious and important part of our Community. The students of Lancaster High School provide a venue to premier the film November War, a film by Garrett Anderson and Antonio de la Torre. This film will make us think about the cost and consequences of war. This documentary is dedicated to Cpl Michael Cohen who died from injuries sustained in Fallulujah 2004.
World Premier November War With Michael Adams
Michael Adams veteran, school board member and one of the Associate producers of the film November War attends the premier at Lancaster High School. Gold Star Moms and Dads attended this film dedicated to Cpl Micheal Cohen USMC. This film tells about the fight at Fallujah 2004 and the return home of the young Marines
J D Kennedy field rep for Congressman Buck McKeon, premier of November War
JD Kennedy USMC, has spent time with Jerrol Hancock a wounded vet, as rep for the Congressman, JD has taken an interest in this vet and veteran affairs. The event is a fund raiser for Jerrol Hancock, the evening features a fil called November War. The film was made by Antonio de la Torre and Garrett Anderson
Brian Lynch, USMC at premier of November War
Brian Lynch was the USMC corpsman with 12 USMarines at Fallujah in 2004. The film tells the story of one day of combat, and when they all came home. The film is dedicated to a fallen comrade Cpl Michael Cohen. The interviewer is not a veteran, and is very appreciative and thankful to be able to have access to these brave men
Garrett & Dennis Anderson at premier of November War
Garrett Anderson and his father Dennis were very gracious to talk with us about their experiences and the film November War. The students of Lancaster High School are raising funds for a house for a Wounded Warrior, and the proceeds from the film premier go to that cause

Jim Ledford Endorses if your efforts created a ripple effect that touched everyone in your community? What if your art was seen by all of your neighbors? What if your organizations’ efforts were recognized?

That’s what we’re working to build at myantelopevalley

There’s so much good news in the AV, so many great people doing good things. Let’s talk about that instead of the deaths and crime!

Steve Fox at Fundraiser for Jerral Hancock with Operation All The Way Home


Assemblymember Steve Fox was elected in November 2012 to represent California’s 36th Assembly District. The district encompasses the Antelope Valley, and includes the cities of Lancaster and Palmdale as well as the Los Angeles County communities of Quartz Hill, Acton, Little Rock, Baker, Lake Los Angeles, and Wrightwood and the Kern County communities of Rosamond, Mojave, Reefer City, North Edwards, Boron, and California City.

A local elected official for 23 years, Fox plans to focus extensively in the Assembly on ensuring funding for education at all levels. As a public school teacher for 10 years and after having served on the Antelope Valley College Board of Trustees, he is all-too-aware of the damage done to schools when they are not fully funded. Education is also important to the district for another reason given that K-12 schools and local universities—like Cal State Northridge and Cal State Bakersfield—are some of the top employers in the region.

As a lawyer, middle class businessman and homeowner, his other priorities include building on the recent growth in the state’s economy, and ensuring that everything that can be done is being done to keep people in their homes. Further, as a past director of the Conservation Board, Fox plans to work to make California a home for new green jobs and the driving force behind new, renewable sources of energy.

Assemblymember Fox is married to Sharon Fox, a local public school teacher, and is a father and grandfather.

Jerral Hancock Receives New Tank Track Wheelchair Please join Operation All The Way Home as we celebrate honor and courage on Saturday, August 10 from 3:00 PM-10:00 PM at Bex Bar & Grill in Lancaster.

This will be no ordinary dine-in fundraiser! 15% of all sales in the restaurant, patio, bar, and bowling alley will be donated to OATH. In addition, dine-in guests will witness a special presentation to Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran and wounded warrior, Jerral Hancock, at 5:00 PM. You do not want to miss this very special once-in-a-lifetime event! Please mark your calendars and spread the word! More information will be released shortly.

Mission Statement

Operation All The Way Home (OATH) is a grass-roots effort, organized by the Pride of the Nation students of Lancaster High School, to raise funds and break ground for construction of a new home for wounded warrior, Jerral Hancock, within one year. Committed to working from June 1, 2013 to June 1, 2014, the students have enlisted for a one-year “tour of duty” to make this happen.

Important Announcement regarding the future Hancock Home!

    On July 18, 2013, OATH made an offer on a 3 acre property in West Palmdale and  the offer was accepted!

    There are no words to express how we are all feeling right now. We never imagined being at this place in five weeks. One expression we can definitely share is gratitude! Thank you to everyone who has enthusiastically supported Operation All The Way Home’s effort to provide a new home for Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran, wounded warrior and true American hero, Jerral Hancock. Without this grass-roots team effort, this first milestone would not be possible!

    While the start of escrow is a big step forward, the road to completion is still a long one. Please help spread the word and encourage your family, friends, co-workers, and anyone you know who understands the importance of serving our veterans to the best of our ability, as they do for us each and every day, to TAKE THE OATH!

            UPDATE! OATH reaches

              $57,000 in six weeks!

    The students of Operation All The Way Home wish to express our deepest gratitude to everyone who has stepped up to support wounded warrior Jerral Hancock through the grass-roots effort of OATH.

    Thank you to everyone who sponsored, donated items, and volunteered. Our OATH family grows everyday, and again, we are very grateful! (Below: OATH students and Jerral Hancock at the Blood Sweat & Tears Concert on Saturday,