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Marva Greenleaf celebrates Love throughout the AV Bridal Show held at the Antelope Valley Fairgrounds in January every year. Discovering the variety of delights offered by many vendors cherishing this quality of Life


Rattlers BBQ Santa Clarita , 2014 Wedding Show. cooking for the AVBOT

World famous Rattlers BBQ of Santa Clarita was at the 2014 AVFair Wedding Show. Rattlers has been selected by the Antelope Valley Board of Trade to cater the Business Outlook Conf Feb21 at Mojave Air/Spaceport. tickets:

RC’S Affordable Limousine at the Bridal Show.

Richard Case, owner of RC’S Affordable Limousine, has been providing signature livery services in the Antelope Valley/Bakersfield area since 2000. The idea of this company began with Richard volunteering to drive people to church on Sundays. Since that time, a luxury transportation service has evolved. Richard and his superb team of chauffeurs take pride in providing exceptional, personalized service to all of their clients’ individual needs. Our limousine services are exclusively tailored for you comfort. We are dedicated to providing the best customer service in the limousine transportation industry.

Edwards Federal Credit Union, honeymoon loans

Laura Motes of EFCU is promoting honeymoon loans at the AV Fair Bridal Show. A small town bank helping young couples run their homes, and build a better future. Over 100 vendors were at the 2014 Bridal Show, helping wedding/venue/celebration planners make their dreams come true.  

AV , Wedding flowers at the Bridal Show, High Desert Bridal Blooms

AV Florist loves to show flowers at the annual Bridal Wedding Expo. 100 vendors were at the AV Fairgrounds. It is a great , relaxed way to go shopping and find the vendors who will help make your dreams come true.


The Blvd Wedding

The  Downtown BLVD association offers a free wedding , all goodies provided to a couple who enters today at the Bridal Expo. This contest offers engaged couples an opportunity to win a free wedding on The BLVD. To enter, simply come to the Bridal Show at the Antelope Valley Fairgrounds on January 12th with your fiance to film your video contest entry.  The lucky winning couple will receive a free wedding for up to 50 guests. It’s that easy!

How does this work?

A VIP judging panel will review all submissions filmed at the Bridal Show and select the winning couple. Once the couple is chosen, BLVD businesses will work with them to select three options for each aspect of the wedding – for example, three bridal gowns, three menu options, etc. Then, the public will have the opportunity to vote online to choose each item that will be included in the wedding. They will have the final vote on the dress, the cake, the flowers – almost everything!

Am I eligible?

To be eligible to win the Wedding on The BLVD, you must meet the following criteria:

  • 21 years of age or older
  • Resident of the Antelope Valley region
  • Engaged, but not yet married
  • Not be a staff member, member, or relative of members of the BLVD Association or Antelope Valley Fair

What’s included?

All of the following aspects of the wedding are included at no cost:

·         Bachelor party at Kinetic Brewing Company

·         Bridal gown from Bella Bridal

·         Bridal gown alterations and preservation by George’s Cleaners

·         Invitations from Bohn’s Printing

·         Six-month membership to All About Fitness for the bride and groom

·         Salon services from Panache and Bella West Spa & Salon

·         Ceremony and reception in downtown Lancaster

·         Catering for up to 50 guests by Giannini’s Bistro & Grill

·         Wedding cake by Maribel’s Café & Bakery

·         Centerpieces by Lamplighter Candles

·         Wedding photography by award-winning Sutton Photography

·         Wedding photo framing by Graphic Experience

·         Entertainment by Renaissance Art Center

·         And more!


Photos by Dudley Jennings


Teri Hawkins of the Savvy EntrepreneurClub shares with Marva Greenleaf Teri Hawkins (Savvy EntrepreneurClub) coaches, inspires and encourages each of us to discover our unique contributions for individual success (have it your way!) Authenticity, humor, self worth, passion, funny, empowerment, wisdom: together everyone achieves more! WOW! First Class Coaching right here in our Antelope Valley…

Michelle Boehm, Southern California Regional Director for the California High-Speed Rail Authority As Southern California Regional Director for the California High-Speed Rail Authority, Michelle Boehm oversees all aspects of project development in the region. In her role with the Authority, she is a member of the Board of Directors for the LOSSAN Joint Powers Authority, co-chairs a regional transportation CEO group focused on high-speed rail issues, and participates in both the Southern California and Statewide Regional Rail Partner’s Working Groups which focus on passenger rail planning in California.

RICK GARCIA Going up in the Antelope Valley KCAL-TV (Channel 9) has signed Emmy winner and Los Angeles native Rick Garcia to join Pat Harvey behind the anchor desk for the station’s weeknight 8 and 10 p.m. newscasts. Garcia joins the KCAL 9 family after spending the past 22 years with KTTV-TV (Channel 11) and its Fox-owned sister station KCOP-TV (Channel 13) in Los Angeles.

KCAL’s Rick Garcia at the AV Children’s Center is AVNICE 888.948.6006 The AV made Rick Garcia Nice, and now he returns the favor by being involved in the Children’s Center. While in town Sept 25 he called on the local Cities to be more involved in this important service to the Community. The Children’s Center serves abused and harmed children, a job that no one was doing until the CC founding 26 years ago. #rickgarcia #kcal and we gave Mr Garcia an AVNice wrist band

Linda Olson Presents Teri Hawkins Shifting to the New Paradigm

People buy from people they feel connected to. You have to touch them emotionally.

You will not want to miss hearing Teri Hawkins, at the Greenhouse Café, on Thursday,

October 3, at 5:00p.m. in Lancaster, CA. Teri is a one of a kind, entrepreneur coach who

remains on the cutting edge of business. Space is limited so come early. No fee, just

purchase your dinner and join us for a wonderful evening.

What worked before is not working today. Many of us are using much time and energy

working in the old paradigm to try and create a successful business instead of using

our valuable time and energy to learn the new paradigm. Since the old paradigm is not

bringing us the success we hoped for it, it has left us scrambling to make a decent income

and maintain the lifestyle we desire. We are working twice as hard for much less.

In the new paradigm, the champion entrepreneur focuses on getting people to buy

from you as opposed to selling to them. So, how does that happen? The first step in

developing this skill is learning to connect. People buy when they feel connected to

you. You have to touch them emotionally.

One of the best ways to do that is to turn the conversation back to them as quickly as

you can. When someone asks the typical question in a networking situation, “What

do you do?” you may respond with, “I would love to share with you, but first I would

like to hear about you.” Most people are thrilled to talk about themselves and will be

so pleased you asked. By focusing on them, you are confirming their value.

Remember, people buy from people them feel connected to. It’s learning to approach

sales from a relationship perspective. Although at first it may not appear that you

are getting anywhere with your ultimate goal, it is the beginning of developing trust

for a much deeper relationship. As you develop this skill, this approach will open up

doors of opportunity that will maximize your impact.

Henry Thoreau says, “It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.”

Linda Olson Presents Teri Hawkins “Grateful Heart”


Teri Hawkins says, “People buy differently when they buy from a heart of gratitude.”
They purchase from their strengths, rather than trying to fill an emotional need. Join
us for an informal evening to hear one of the top entrepreneur and sales coaches in the
country, Teri Hawkins. She will be speaking at the Greenhouse Café in Lancaster on
Thursday, October 3, at 5:00p.m. Space is limited, so come early. No fee.
Just purchase dinner and join us for a great evening.


Learn to be thankful for what you already have, while you pursue all that you want. I

believe one of the greatest and perhaps one of the simplest lessons in life we can learn is

to be thankful for what we have already received and accomplished. Both the years and

the experiences have brought me here to where I stand today, but it is the thankfulness

that opened the windows of opportunities, of blessings, of unique experiences to flow my

way. These are words of wisdom from Jim Rohn.

Mesiter Eckhart says, “If the only prayer you say in your whole life is

“Thank you,” that would suffice.” It is the heart of thanksgiving. It is the key to

transforming your life.

The mediocre person begins his day with having to go to work. The champion

entrepreneur begins his day with wanting to go to work. In business, people buy

differently with an attitude of gratitude. They purchase from their strengths, rather

than trying to fill an emotional need. In the same way, people sell differently from a

grateful heart. They are much more relaxed and confident about attracting the right

buyers for their product. That is much different than the pushy salesperson that comes

across desperate to sell his product. Marsha Burns says, “Gratitude leads to strength and

blessing.” Grumbling on the other hand, leads to weakness and cursing.

An attitude of gratitude will set you up for unstoppable blessings. When you grasp the

power of gratitude, blessings will come looking for you. Truly understanding the power

of gratitude can change your life forever.”