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Mayor R. Rex Parris Moves Our Region Forward

http://www.youngloveafter50.com Mayor Parris shares with Marva Greenleaf the excitement of embracing the adjustments our commUNITY faces with the serious issues of today. Remain Confident, Together Everyone Achieves More (TEAM). Our words have power and will melt the mountains of resistance, flourishing as we move forward…#breakingboundaries #breaking #boundaries

Women With Spirit Vicki Medina and Donna Tremeer

http://www.youngloveafter50.com Vicki Medina, Executive Director of the Antelope Valley Board of Trade shares with Donna Tremeer, Director of the Antelope Valley Family YMCA / AVBOT Director and Marva Greenleaf the passion and joy we bring as we tend to our daily gardens. Baby Bloomers flourish and thrive right where we are planted! CommUNITY at its best. Desert Stars all around us…

#breakingboundaries #breaking #boundaries

Women With Spirit Conversations Pauline East

http://www.youngloveafter50.com Our Desert Star Av Filmoffice Commissioner Pauline East shares with Marva Greenleaf her passion and dedication in promoting our region for film projects. Collaborating for the benefit of our commUNITY, we thank you Pauline for your be YOU (tiful) contributions! AVBOT 42nd Annual Antelope Valley Business Outlook Conference Vicki S. Medina — with Jim Greenleaf and Pauline East at Hilton Garden Inn.

#breakingboundaries #breaking #boundaries

Vice Mayor Marvin Crist Speaks AV Nice

http://www.youngloveafter50.com City of Lancaster Vice Mayor Marvin Crist shares with Marva Greenleaf the understanding of community investing in one another and looking out for the greater good of our region. AV Nice: it takes wonderful to know wonderful… #breakingboundaries #breaking #boundaries

AV Nice Chris Spicher and Marva Greenleaf

http://www.youngloveafter50.com Chris Spicher Director Emeritus AVBOT/Antelope Valley Florist/AV Nice CEO and Marva Greenleaf Passionate Activist/Youngloveafter50.com roll out the welcome red carpet at the 42nd Annual Antelope Valley Board of Trade Reception held at the Hilton Garden, Palmdale, Ca. Vicki Medina is the Hostess with the mostest, invigorating, dynamic, flourishing throughout our Antelope Valley Region. Bloom where you are planted! #breakingboundaries #breaking #boundaries

Christian Woman in Media Kathleen Cooke With Linda Olson

http://www.entrepreneurconfidence.com Kathleen Cooke, co-founder of Cooke Pictures and Influence Lab is passionate about connecting and inspiring women in medial and entertainment. She is an influential lady in the Christian media industry. Kathleen, along with her husband, founders of Cooke Pictures, directed and were keynote speakers last year at media conferences at several different continents such as India, Africa and Europe bringing Christian media to the world. #breakingboundaries #breaking #boundaries